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R.E. Yrausquin & Sons N.V.

How WhatsApp Ad Campaigns sold 9 cars in 2 weeks with a budget of $250.

The challenge

During the recent pandemic, the vehicle sales dropped substantially. The showroom had many dated vehicle models that had to be sold.
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About R.E. Yrausquin & Sons N.V.

R.E. Yrausquin & Sons N.V. is a high end luxury car dealer in Aruba. Some of the brands that are sold at this dealership include Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Lincoln and Mitsubishi.

Our approach


First approach item

In accordance with the objectives of Yrausquin we created a Digital Marketing campaign & strategy that was focused on getting in touch with potential buyers, to increase test drives and increase website visitors.

Second approach item

We conceptualized the campaign title ''Big Ford Deals'' and created the landing page and campaign artwork.

3rd approach item

We strategized a Digital Marketing funnel with PPC campaigns that drove Whatsapp messages and generated website traffic. Our campaigns included all paid advertising platforms, from Google ads to Social Media ads, and everything in between.

4th approach item

We made all campaigns return on investment measurable and based on the results we optimized our PPC campaigns 24/7. We provided our client with an extensive, but a simple to understand, dashboard showing how their campaigns were ROI performing.


Our results

WhatsApp Ad Campaigns sold 9 cars in 2 weeks with a budget of $250.
Within a period of 2 weeks our campaign reached over 55.000 people. In addition to having 1,800 potential buyers that visited the website. Yrausquin also received over 1,726 WhatsApp messages. As a result there were 2 vehicles sold, 9 pending to be sold awaiting financing approval. In a period of 2 weeks we spent a total of $250 as their budget.

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