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How online advertising created an return on investment of more than 1,400%

The challenge

Pelican Adventures approached The Lab in order to generate better results on their online bookings and reservations for the restaurant. The 2020 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was at an all time low due to the pandemic, it was our goal to increase the revenue generated by Google Ads and to be competitive with the big tour operators on the island.
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Google Ads & PPC Management
Social Media Advertising

About Pelican Adventures

Pelican Adventures was incorporated in May of 1986 and is still owned by a local family, focused on providing enjoyment of the island’s beauty. Their custom-built catamarans comfortably take passengers on a variety of exciting sailing cruises, and the friendly crew is fun as well as knowledgeable about the island and its marine life.

Our approach


First approach item

In accordance to the objectives of Pelican Adventures we created a Digital Marketing strategy that was focused on generating more website traffic from the target audience.

Second approach item

We proceeded to conceptualize a Digital Marketing funnel with advertising campaigns that increased website traffic. Our campaigns included all paid advertising platforms, from Google Ads to Social Media Ads and everything in between.

3rd approach item

We made measurable campaigns that can easily indicate the return on investment (ROI) and based on the results we optimized our advertising campaigns. We provided our client an extensive yet easy to comprehend dashboard indicating the campaigns were performing.


To increase the ROAS from 400% to 800%.

Our results

Return on investment of more than 1,400%
The number of conversions was 77 with a revenue generated directly through online order of $16,913.35 with a total amount spent of $1,183.10 on Google Ads. This means for $1 spent on ads Pelican Adventures received $14.30 back in revenue based on the data we collected from the 1st of May 2022 until the 30th of June 2022. This indicates that the objective has been achieved by a very wide range.

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